Terms and Conditions


  1. Children should be supervised at all times whilst using Toy Space’s Toys. In no event shall Toy Space be held responsible or accountable for any damage, loss or injury incurred whilst using Toy Space’s Toys
  2. Hire toys booked are always prepaid in advance of any toy hire payable by credit card online or bank transfer
  3. The customer is responsible for checking the hire toys are in good working order upon acceptance at the time of delivery
  4. All toys hired are done so on condition that they shall be returned in an undamaged condition and that the customer is responsible for any indemnity against loss or damage
  5. The customer must agree prior to hire being accepted, that Toy Space reserves the right to debit your credit card or invoice you directly in the event of non-return, or damage to any hire toys.  Lost or damaged items will be charged at our evaluated price but no greater than the current replacement value
  6. The customer is to immediately notify Toy Space Toy Hire if any hire toy(s) are lost or damaged
  7. There needs to be good access to any setup area the bouncy castle needs to be erected, there needs to be no stairs, there needs to be easy for hand trolley to well the heavy castles to setup point. If the driver cannot attempt setup point in a safe manner, Toy Space deems the right to refuse hire.
  8. All Party hire toys and Bouncy Castles are for one day only. The earliest delivery time being 9am and the latest pick-up time 6pm
  9. Under no circumstances can Toy Space’s Toys be used for commercial use or rehiring
  10. All toys should be returned in their original packaging, in good working order and clean
  11. The hire toys and Bouncy Castles are to be considered the property of Toy Space Toy Hire, at all times
  12. Toy Space reserves the right to cancel any Bouncy Castle hire due to weather conditions i.e, rain or strong winds. Or hard/impossible access to safety setup castle. However the customer has the option of postponing the hire or agreeing to setup the castle indoors. The customer has a right to a full refund ONLY if weather forecast is wet for the hire date and the customer calls Toy Space by 7-8am the morning of the hire. Under no acceptations will a full refund be given if the bouncy castle is setup and rains occurs during the hire time. Weather is very unpredictable in Auckland and we can only go by the weather forecast given the morning of the hire.
  13. Hire times selected and paid by the customers ie up to 4 hour hire, if the customer decides to ring to get one of our drivers to collect before the hire time is up for any reason, under no circumstances there will be NO refund given.
  14. Colors and styles may differ from product photo and Toy Space reserves the right to provide a similar and suitable toy if the exact product is unavailable
  15. Upon receipt of your order on our website, we will promptly confirm delivery details and confirmation of your order via e-mail
  16. If a cancellation or refund is requested for any reason without adequate notice there will be a $20 admin fee debited from your refund amount, this does not include for cancellations made by us due to bad weather or double bookings
  17. Free delivery and pick up is only applicable on orders over $120 excluding any discounts or vouchers used
  18. Toy Space has the right to amend the terms & conditions at any stage
  19. If the customer is found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions in this agreement Toy Space reserves all rights to terminate the hire term and or repossess Toy Space’s Hire Toys without prior notice to the customer